About Watfordvans.com

Our story starts in Ealing, West London 1957. After years of saving, company founder Robert Thornhill scrapes together £11 from his job driving a green grocers van to buy his very first car, just 3 days later it was sold with a £2 profit & the idea for Stanborough Motors was born.

By 1961 it was time for a permanent location & a move to Watford! It wasn't long before the company had grown sufficiently to take on a franchise, starting off with the now defunct French mark Simca followed by Renault & Mazda in the 70s & 80s & then Seat in the 90s.

55 years may have passed but we have consistently been able to adapt to an ever changing market, confront challenges and remain relevant. Vans were always a part of our business but in 1999 it was time to get serious, launch a website and shake up the van world. Trading as watfordvans.com seemed logical, we had vans, a website & we were in Watford, no nonsense here!

Although much of the sales process is now carried out online we still pride ourselves on retaining the company’s original values of personal service & quality above all else.

Our buying team travels1000s of miles every week so you don't have to, they meticulously check all potential stock for mechanical faults & accident damage, only picking the very best.

Over the years we have put over 50,000 vehicles on the road so we won't pretend we are saving the planet....but if we keep on, we might just save vankind!