Vehicle Specifications For Fiat Vans

Fiat Grande Punto - Car Derived Van

The sporty, solid and distinctive Grand Punto has found a new role: it’s become a class-leading van offering pure functional reliability.  Giorgetto Giugaro’s iconic design perfectly balances tough muscularity and elegance, in every detail.  The Grande Punto Van is available in Active version, powered by a Euro4 compliant diesel MultiJet engine.  Compact, versatile and ready to work with you, the Grande Punto Van is a stylish professional partner.

  • Engine size (Litres): 1.3
  • Power (HP): 75
  • Wheelbase (mm): 1.0
  • Overall length (mm): 4030
  • Overall width (mm): 1687
  • Overall height (mm): 1490
  • Load length (mm): 1200
  • Load width max (mm): 1034
  • Load height (mm): 842
  • Rear door height (mm): N/A
  • Rear door width (mm): N/A
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 520
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 1650

Fiat Doblo Cargo - Panel Van

More spacious, more high-tech, and more focused on savings than ever before, the record breaking new Doblo Cargo represents a great way to grow your business and to improve the quality of your working day. Come and see for yourself how the new range is now more complete than ever. The Standard, High Roof and Maxi versions are perfect for carrying goods while the Combi is ideal transport for goods and people together. There is even a platform cab version to suit your own professional needs.

  • Engine size (Litres): 1.3-1.9
  • Power (HP): 75-105
  • Wheelbase (mm): 3.2-3.8
  • Overall length (mm): 4253
  • Overall width (mm): 1722
  • Overall height (mm): 1831-2086
  • Load length (mm): 1680
  • Load width max (mm): 1470
  • Load height (mm): 1305-1550
  • Rear door height (mm): 1680
  • Rear door width (mm): 1235-1450
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 730
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 2000-2030

Fiat Scudo - Medium Panel Van

There’s a big difference between working and working in style, and it’s called the Fiat Scudo. Dependable, powerful and nimble, the Scudo makes an impressive calling card and projects a truly professional image.

Choose between panelled or glazed models, short or long wheelbases, two interior lengths, high or standard roof, load spaces of 5, 6, or 7 m3 with two or three seats, mechanical or air suspension, double cargo doors or a tailgate…there are endless configurations that make the Scudo incredibly versatile and precisely tailored to your working needs.

  • Engine size (Litres): 1.6-2.0
  • Power (HP): 90-120
  • Wheelbase (mm): 5.0-7.0
  • Overall length (mm): 4805-5135
  • Overall width (mm): 1895
  • Overall height (mm): 1942-2276
  • Load length (mm): 2254-2584
  • Load width max (mm): 1600
  • Load height (mm): 1449-1750
  • Rear door height (mm): 2254-2584
  • Rear door width (mm):  1272-1630
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 1000-1200
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 2661-2963

Fiat Ducato - Large Panel Van

Dependable, durable, innovative, incredibly roomy and with 25 years of proven experience, the Ducato makes a serious professional partner. Whether you need a panelled van or a dropside truck variant, there is a model to match your exact demands and reflect your image with style and credibility. Now with more presence and dynamic detail than ever, the Ducato is ready to work and get noticed.

  • Engine size (Litres): 2.2-2.3
  • Power (HP): 100-120
  • Wheelbase (mm): 8.0-13.0
  • Overall length (mm): 4963-5998
  • Overall width (mm): 2050
  • Overall height (mm): 2254-2534
  • Load length (mm): 2670-3705
  • Load width max (mm): 1870
  • Load height (mm): 1662-1932
  • Rear door height (mm): 2670-3705
  • Rear door width (mm): 1520-1790
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 1155-2015
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 3000-3500

Fiat Fiorino - Compact Van

Compact on the outside, spacious on the inside, and above all economical. It may be one of Fiat’s smallest commercial vehicles, but no job is too big for it. Designed to be agile enough to negotiate busy town traffic, the Fiorino will take your business places it has never been before. It is nippy and handles like a city car, but is as comfortable on main roads as it is in city traffic, just like a fully-fledged van. The Fiorino puts the pleasure back into working in town.

  • BHP: 73bhp - 75bhp
  • PAYLOAD CAPACITY: 175-293kg
  • LOAD VOLUME: 2.5m3
  • GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT: 1,680kg – 1,700kg
  • LENGTH: 3,959mm
  • WIDTH: 1,589mm
  • HEIGHT: 1,721mm