Vehicle Specifications For Nissan Vans

Nissan NV200 - Small Panel Van

The multi award winning NV200 compact van was launched a year ago and has been recognised as one of the most innovative vans. Nissan's approach was to design a segment breaking vehicle that is both compact yet capable. While being a similar size to most compact vans, it has a larger volume and much longer load space. If that wasn't enough it has class leading CO2 emissions and 54mpg economy. Its unique capabilities were recognised and the NV200 was voted International Van of the Year 2010 and What Van? Magazine Van of the Year 2010.

  • Engine size (Litres): 1.5
  • Power (HP): 85
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2725  
  • Overall length (mm):  4400
  • Overall width (mm):  2011
  • Overall height (mm):  1860
  • Load length (mm):  2040
  • Load width max (mm):  1500
  • Load height (mm):  1358
  • Rear door height (mm):  1228
  • Rear door width (mm):  1262
  • Gross Payload (Kg):  731-752
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 2000

Nissan Cabstar - Light truck

Cabstar is the classic no compromise truck. It can be supplied as a dropside, tipper, box van or as bare chassis ready for conversion. The three wheelbases give great choice and even the most compact version offers a 3.2 metre load length. Cabstar is the payload leader with a dropside capable of carrying over 1,570 Kg. Cabstar has one very rare feature - being able to tow a trailer and its load weighing 3.5 tonnes - perfect for lugging rollers and excavators from site to site.

  • Engine size (Litres): 2.5-3.0
  • Power (HP): 110-150
  • Wheelbase (mm):
  • Overall length (mm): 4909-6464
  • Overall width (mm): 1900
  • Overall height (mm): 2116-2122
  • Load length (mm): 3160-3720
  • Load width max (mm): 1900
  • Load height (mm): 300-400
  • Rear door height (mm): 3160-3720
  • Rear door width (mm): 400
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 1239-1521
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 3400-3500

Nissan Navara - Pick-up

With the Navara a new breed of ultra capable 4x4 pick-ups was created. The latest version has just been updated and now includes a 190HP 2.5 litre dCi engine or even a 231HP V6 for the ultimate in load lugging capability. The power of the engine may have increased, but so have the refinement and economy. The load capability remains impressive with a payload of 1,125 kgs and a load bed over 1.5 metres long.

  • Engine size (Litres): 2.5
  • Power (HP):171
  • Wheelbase (mm):
  • Overall lenth (mm): 5135
  • Overall width (mm): 1850
  • Overall height (mm): 1750-1762
  • Load lenth (mm): 1511-1861
  • Load width max (mm): 1560
  • Load height (mm): 457
  • Rear door height (mm): 1511
  • Rear door width (mm): 457
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 1110
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 3210-3110