Vehicle Specifications For Toyota Vans

Toyota Hiace - Medium Panel Van

The Toyota Hiace is a panel van where the drivers comfort and personal workspace is a priority as is safety and security for both driver and cargo alike. The Hiace has a number of measures in place to ensure that noise and vibration are kept to a minimum leaving you free to enjoy the smooth ride.

  • Engine size (Litres): 2.5
  • Power (HP): 95-117
  • Wheelbase (mm): 6.0-7.0
  • Overall length (mm): 4795-5240
  • Overall width (mm): 1800
  • Overall height (mm): 2000-1995
  • Load length (mm): 2335-2780
  • Load width max (mm): 1650
  • Load height (mm): 1420
  • Rear door height (mm): 2335-2780
  • Rear door width (mm):  1420
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 1050-1170
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 2800-3000

Toyota Dyna

The Toyota Dyna is the small flat bed van with a 1.5 Ton payload capability, spacious cabin and durable design. Offering a reliable and comfortable drive the Dyna is a van of quiet but considered qualities.

  • Engine size (Litres): 3.0
  • Power (HP): 109
  • Wheelbase (mm):
  • Overall length (mm): 4380-5993
  • Overall width (mm): 1695-2000
  • Overall height (mm): 2194-2235
  • Load length (mm): 2852-4460
  • Load width max (mm): 1695-2000
  • Load height (mm): 400
  • Rear door height (mm): 2852-4460
  • Rear door width (mm):  380
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 1280
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 3000-3500

Toyota Hilux - Pickup Truck

A choice of two turbodiesel engines give the Toyota Hilux the power to deliver whatever you ask of it with smooth, quiet efficiency, whether in the urban or off-road environment.

Both engine capacities offer plentiful torque to exploit through five-speed manual and five-speed automatic gearboxes. A range of active and passive safety features are fitted as standard and complement the uncompromisingly tough and robust build of the Hilux. Tried-and-tested safety technology features combine with a vehicle engineered to withstand the harshest of challenges. On road or off, the Toyota Hilux provides total driver and passenger reassurance.

  • Engine size (Litres): 2.5-3.0
  • Power (HP): 120-171
  • Wheelbase (mm):
  • Overall length (mm): 5255
  • Overall width (mm): 1760-1835
  • Overall height (mm): 1680-1810
  • Load length (mm): 2315-1520
  • Load width max (mm): 1520-1515
  • Load height (mm): 450
  • Rear door height (mm): 1520-2315
  • Rear door width (mm): 450
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 1060-1095
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 2730-2940