Vehicle Specifications For Volkswagen Vans

Volkswagen Caddy - Small Panel Van

The most compact of the Volkswagen van range remains extremely versatile and has the ability to carry loads up to 766kg with its 3.2m² load space. Its asymmetric twin rear doors and wide sliding side door make loading and unloading easy, whilst maintaining standard safety features along with a host of features that ensure this vehicle is great to drive. Innovations such as modified gear ratios and low friction tyres also make sure that the Caddy BlueMotion Technology is both environmentally friendly and economical to run, with a choice of up for 4 diesel engines.

  • Engine size (Litres): 1.9-2.0
  • Power (HP): 69-104
  • Wheelbase (mm): 3.2
  • Overall length (mm): 4405
  • Overall width (mm): 1802
  • Overall height (mm): 1833
  • Load length (mm): 1781
  • Load width max (mm): 1558
  • Load height (mm): 1257
  • Rear door height (mm): 1781
  • Rear door width (mm): 1116
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 720
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 2240-2185

Volkswagen LT

This vehicle is the predecessor to our Crafter Van. The full range comprises of three wheelbase options and a weight range of 2.8 tonnes to 4.6 tonnes, with four engine choices. Everything about the LT has been designed to meet the needs of businesses and you can expect high build quality, sensible standard equipment, a practical load area and an excellent driving environment.

  • Engine size (Litres): 2.5-2.8
  • Power (HP): 83-158
  • Wheelbase (mm): 300-4025
  • Overall length (mm): 6335
  • Overall width (mm): 1933-1994
  • Overall height (mm): 2350-2605
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 958-2838

Volkswagen Transporter - Standard Panel Van

This renowned vehicle boasts a solid reputation for versatility, features and sheer dependability. Safer, smarter and more efficient than ever before, the Volkswagen Transporter offers high levels of comfort, refinement and performance. This vehicle has the ability to carry loads between 749kg and 1,333kg with varying load spaces between 5.8 m² and 9.3 m². The new TDI diesel engine offers significantly improved fuel efficiency, with the option of a 7-speed DSG and 4MOTION four-wheel drive giving the vehicle capabilities to take rough, wet or snowy terrain in its stride. The stylish exterior gives timeless, elegant appeal, with a high level of standard specification focussing on the drivers comfort.

  • Engine size (Litres): 1.9-2.5
  • Power (HP): 84-130
  • Wheelbase (mm): 5.8-7.8
  • Overall length (mm): 4890-5290
  • Overall width (mm): 1904
  • Overall height (mm): 1969-2170
  • Load length (mm): 2543-2943
  • Load width max (mm): 1692
  • Load height (mm): 1410-1626
  • Rear door height (mm): 2543-2943
  • Rear door width (mm):  1305
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 802-1281
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 2600-3200

Volkswagen Crafter - Large Panel Van

The largest model of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles range offers a number of underlying strengths. Powerful BlueTDI engines have enough torque to satisfy the most demanding use, enough space to accommodate the most awkward load and an array of features to satisfy the most discerning customer. With a choice of three wheelbase options, four load lengths, three roof heights and four BlueTDI engines as well as payloads from 936kg to 2,528kg and load space between 7.5 m² and 17.0 m² means that there's always a model in the Crafter range that will do the job. Technological innovation also brings a number of significant cost saving and environmental benefits and with the even more economical AdBlue Technology the Crafter exceeds even the future Euro V Standard.

  • Engine size (Litres): 2.5
  • Power (HP): 88-163
  • Wheelbase (mm): 7.5-14.0
  • Overall length (mm): 5240-6940
  • Overall width (mm): 1993
  • Overall height (mm): 2415-2904
  • Load length (mm): 2600-4300
  • Load width max (mm): 1780
  • Load height (mm): 1650-2140
  • Rear door height (mm): 2600-4300
  • Rear door width (mm): 1540-1840
  • Gross Payload (Kg): 986-1235
  • Gross vehicle weight (Kg): 3000-3500